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How to stop unwanted message?


Every day I receive 1/2 new message for work. It’s very disturbing for me.


How is it disturbing to you? New message can be the new order…so why is it irritating?


Because I am not a seller. Also, i have no time to check daily. Already I refused 2 order. Every day I work 14 hours for my 7 websites.


You’ve got 2 live gigs?


If you don’t have time then just go on the vacation mode…or delete your gigs…I am sure nobody here will message you then


“Already I refused 2 order” If I don’t Do this "If you don’t have time then just go on the vacation mode"
Any problem?


Pause or delete your gigs if you don’t want to sell. :sunny:


If you are not seller then you should pause these gig.


Then you should simply turn the “Vacation Mode” on so your gigs will be paused and you won’t receive any new messages.


Thank you very much.


Done. Very simple matter, But I did not know the system. Thanks again sarwar7bd


If you’re not a seller, why Vacation Mode? Why don’t you delete your gigs and change your profile description (because your profile description presents you as a seller)?


:smile: Maybe he means that he isn’t a seller in spite of having gigs because no one buys them? I don’t know but it amused me.


I usually Press Report against them