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How to stop unwanted orders

Buyers are placing orders without contacting me and for the services which are not offered in my gig. Moreover, some buyers are asking for extra services without making the extra payments. So, ultimately, I have to cancel orders and that affects my order completion rate. Please don’t blame my gig description. Everything is written clearly and I didn’t have the issue in the past. Please write me if you have any advice. And I also don’t think these type of orders should impact order cancellation rate as sellers have nothing to do with this. Will fiverr change their mind?


I don’t want to blame your gig description, but the first thing I read is: 24Hours Delivery! No Extra Cost for Extra features!

That can be easily misleading.


No extra cost for extra features, but not for extra services. However, I do agree with you. I will update my gig soon. Thanks.