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How to stop working with a client that makes me uncomfortable

The client has been professional in their requests and orders and everything. Never said a cross word or anything. I’m just really nervous to tell them I don’t want to work with them anymore because the content they keep sending me isn’t something I personally agree with. The most recent have been at the threshold, but the one I have today is over the threshold. The previous ones have been content for setting up their website for finding friends with benefits, which is something that makes me uncomfortable, but I don’t have a problem writing for. Today’s request was for summarizing a page of a website about adultry. I guess I’m not sure what to do with this customer.

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I am confused as to why you posted about the same issue twice? :thinking:


You can block him/her and then they can not order your gig!!

I’ve had a similar problem before. I just sent a message saying, “I’m sorry, but I can no longer offer you services for this topic.” and then blocked them as a buyer.

I don’t think you need to block the client, that seems a bit extreme. It should be enough to just communicate to the buyer that this subject is out of your scope and you will not be able to offer any work within that genre.

Or simply be honest and tell them that this particularly subject makes you uncomfortable and that you will not continue to work with them. Maybe recommend some one else they can hire instead?