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How to submit /create a ticket?

I’m trying to create a ticket as I’ve done before but it seems I’m unable to find a way to do this now as discussed previously on the forum How to view my customer support ticket
But the areas and options are shown there currently don’t exist to create a ticket as it seems Fiverr has updated their site since then and I can’t seem to find a way to create/submit a ticket now.

Is it still possible to submit tickets on Fiverr and if so, how? And if not possible then how can I best contact someone from Fiverr support/staff directly about something?



Nevermind I found it here for anyone else that was having the same issue after going through a series of pre-selected questions/answers to the topic you are trying to contact them about it’ll finally give you an option to submit a ticket to a specialist.

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Alternatively (just in case of more broken links):