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How to succeed on Fiverr as a honest Nigerian

How can a honest and dedicated Nigerian succeed on this platform?

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Your profile picture is not of a Nigerian… kindly change it back to your original picture or a cartoon of yours.


yeah, he’s not that honest is he

“An honest Nigerian” – are you concerned people will assume you’re a scammer because you’re from Nigeria? I’m not sure why else you would phrase it like that.


Such a bad topic… I’m Nigerian and I have made sales on fiverr

How to succeed on Fiverr as an honest Nigerian?

Step 1: Succeed as an honest person.
Step 2: Succeed, order by order.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

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how do you generate traffic

Being good at what you do magically makes people order from you. :grin:

Also understanding some base selling principles.

Hard work… I never gave up even going days without getting orders.

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