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How to succeed on Fiverr using the new FAQ's feature


Whenever Fiverr brings out a new feature jump on it ASAP.

I’d start by using the new FAQ’s you can add to your gig descriptions. It’s very cool and will reduce basic questions you get and get people ordering your gigs that much quicker.

1200 characters for the gig description was never enough for me as my gigs are fairly detailed so if you have that problem too I recommend you try out the new FAQ’s feature.

I’ve added a few FAQ’s to my top 2 gigs so far and will be adding more. Anything that automates things a little bit more I’m totally for it.

FAQ’s are nestled between gig description and the reviews.

If anyone else has started using FAQ’s for their gigs post below and we can all check them out =)

Kind Regards,
Murray / Creativeman


I’m using it now, this feature is really cool which FAQ (frequently asked question) can help the buyer to deeply more understand my gigs.

I just wondering If I can flexibly adjusting the FAQ’s order on edit gigs mode, it would be so great.

Hoping that Fiverr could improve about this issue.

Thanks Fiverr


absolutely right, FAQ’s is very helpful to increasing sells. I am also using it. :slight_smile:


yes you are right its pretty cool.


It totally will increase peoples conversions rates and reduce any confusion.


The only problem I ran into was there seems to be a limit on how many FAQs you can add. I could add 9 FAQs to a gig. When I went to add #10 I got an error message. Has anyone added more than 9 FAQs to a gig?


I can’t see in my profile…How can I add this FAQ’s?


If you edit your gig, you will find the feature.


Unfortunately there’s a limit at the count of eight.

But I really like this new feature too. It helps me a lot to sort some things out and concentrate on the gig description as it helps buyers to get their answers without asking.


I was unaware of it until I found this thread. I will definitely activate it for all of gigs today.


9 is the limit - I checked with CS when I got the error message. Will teach me to be more succinct I guess :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info.


Thank you for this information. Now i found this new feature.


Glad you guys found this helpful =)


Another new feature is our gig extras have been raised from $50 to $200.


I LOVE the faq feature


Indeed, very useful, I added them to mine too.


Cool feature! I wish, however, that they’d enabled you to add a FAQs section to your profile, rather than to the individual gigs. Buyers already don’t read the gigs. I’d like to be able to link them directly to a FAQ section or tab or something on my profile. I know this wouldn’t work for everyone, but I’m probably not going to use this feature, since all of the questions I’m frequently asked are already answered if the buyers bothered to look at the gig before messaging me.


Thanks for sharing this.
I dont know how its work that is the
Reason why i dont use it. But with
this i will be able to use it.


Thank you so much