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How to switch back to English?

When I logged in today, the site suggested switching to German. As I indeed like my mother tongue, I accepted - only to find out that the German translation is horrible. Even worse, it apparently also tries to “translate” (if it even deserves that word) gig descriptions (the titles at least).

Therefore, I want to switch back to English. Already checked the profile and accounts section, but without luck. Any ideas?

Oh, and Fiverr: Please don’t offer “localized” versions of the site if they are in a state you should be ashamed of. I value Fiverr as a top-notch service and a great website. Please get proper translations! Pro tip: There might be a gig for that… :wink:

When you scroll all the way down you should be able to change the language setting .

Same in Dutch Simplegerman!

How the heck is a person to switch back to ENGLISH when I DO NOT SPEAK GERMAN?

Gawd, this is frustraiting… Why did fiverr even switch me?

My language switched to German months ago and I’ve been suffering ever since. How the hell are you supposed to switch it back?

I dont think fiverr uk works with windows 10 machines, chrome and firefox are displaying SPANISH even thou the language is set to (English Uk) its a real pain, i now have to deliver orders using android app, which takes ages.

It’s very easy many a times I face this problem But I log out and again log in and it’s back on engilsh so you can try that :slight_smile: