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How to switch between buyer and seller in mobile app?

I’ve been trying to find it forever and I know the answer is probably very simple but there doesn’t seem to be anything on the web. How do I switch?


While using mobile, on the top left corner of the Fiverr application, there will be pop-up menu option. You click it, the pop-up will appear. The last option of the pop-up menu will be “View as Seller or Buyer”.


That doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m on iOS if that makes a difference.

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Not a problem, that’s easy. While using IOS, click on the bottom right corner, it’ll be indicated as “more”. When you click on it a pop-up will appear. You will scroll down through that and here it is “View as buyer or seller”.
Hope you’ll understand.:sweat_smile::joy:

Hm. Still doesn’t seem to be the case.

Click on more, keep scrolling down