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How to switch to Fiverr Pro

I want to know more about and switch over to Fiverr Pro.


That’s not really a fiverr Pro level question.

You know that fiverr Pro sellers are only 1% chosen people that show excellence, curiosity and predicting their client needs.
So asking how to switch to fiverr pro is not really a pro seller behaviour.

But answering your question: you could go to fiverr help page and read all info there.
OR on your dashboard there is a green tab called “fiverr PRO” which is visible even from your dashboard with all information on how to become fiverr PRO.
Pressing that button and reading info would’ve take you much less time than creating an account on the forum and creating a topic with this question.


Am strictly new to this site, so forgive my ignorance.

The thought actually came from the premise of finding ways how I can gain more visibility in order to get buyers to buy my gigs. There are few websites out there who offer people ways of ‘buying their way in’ but clearly Fiverr operates in a more professional and grounded way.

Anyway, thank you for answering the question.

Check this out:


Alternatively you could always invest in yourself and work hard to start your path towards more exposure and more sales.

Not everything can be bought with money but that doesn’t mean they don’t come at a cost.


Btw nice question :slight_smile:

It was the equivalent of me asking about how to get drafted in the NBA while I can barely dribble the ball.

So I think it wasn’t that insightful as you may think.