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How to take first order

Hey guys! A little help here. I’ve sent over 14 buyer request offers front eh past two days including today (2 making it 14). The buyer requests are just piling up, no one’s responding and the offers I sent are not going out…they just piling up when nothing is happening. Can someone explain please?


14 offers isn’t a lot. Just keep at it!

Also, knowing what you’ve been writing in those offers might be helpful.


I agree.

I remember somebody on this forum saying they sent 120 requests before they got an order.


I have over 130 sent, I already got my orders so don’t lose faith! You will get it soon

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What i will sent? Please tell me , i want to my first job soon . so tell me everyone…please.

Naturally there’s no magic formula. Try to communicate your passion for the project and be clear about what you can bring to it. You may also wish to mention any experience you have if it’s relevant.

Some sellers offer to do the job for less than their competitors, but that’s a bit of a slippery slope in my opinion.

Thank you so much for suggest me…

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Hi, Its almost a month passed not getting any buyer request or order can any body help resolving where is the issue?

you can share your gig on social network. when your gigs impression are very fine. then you’ll seen your buyer request, best of luck