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How to take order in Inbox


Is there any way to get order from buyer in inbox ??? or all the time I have to send offer to buyer to get an order.

If buyer say I’ve new work for you so what is the procedure to get that work from him/her.?

Thanks in advance

You need to always send a custom offer from the inbox (messages). If you attach work through the inbox (messages) without an order you do not get paid.

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Send a custom offer through Messages.

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vickiespencer and amilaudara

Thanks both of you and I understand now.


After creating the custom offer in the inbox, I clicked mistakenly “Withdraw offer” now it says offer Withdrawn.

What is the meaning of “Offer Withdrawn” ??

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That means that you withdrew your offer and you will have to send another one.

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And the Offer Withdrawn buyer can see that I Offer Withdrawn ?

Yes the buyer can see the offer is withdrawn

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