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How to talk about the price

I think we can all agree when we sense that the client is not going to pay well and your having a hard time telling them the price. So how do you open about the price to a client whom you think will rip you off?

If I have even the slightest notion that they will rip me off, I dump em and don’t work for them


Yup! Follow your gut instinct, don’t ignore the red :triangular_flag_on_post:
Working with hagglers/bargain basement shoppers/cheapskates can cause problems.


Your Prices on Gig packages will be more clear and reasonable when comparing then they will not ask the price.

when i see your gig package there is some mistakes for Eg: on the basic package you have priced it to $10 for one panel with one figure. and you have priced $25 for the standard package for 2 panels with 2 figures and all other options are same as basic package.

Now who will buy your standard package, buying 2 basic package will be worth than buying the standard package for 2 panels with 2 figures. i think thats why customers asking price manually.

Your prices should be listed on your gig page under the package descriptions. If a potential buyer wants extras added, quote them either the price you have for that gig extra, or a fair price appropriate to the service requested. If they don’t want to pay those prices, and you don’t want to lower those established prices any further, then wish the potential buyer a good day, and move on to other buyers. I don’t understand how this is such a hard concept.

You set your prices, and if the buyer doesn’t want to pay those prices, they can find someone else who offers cheaper work. Don’t be so desperate for a sale that you compromise your morals or ethics. Set the rules, prices and requirements, and stick to those rules, prices and requirements.

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Don’t be scared to quote what the job is worth. The last few custom orders I’ve had, I priced higher than normal - not because I was cheating the buyer but because my normal prices have been too low. And actually the buyers accepted quite happily.

Whats the worse that can happen.

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