How to talk to buyers who doesn't read description


My question is, I have explained in my description what I will offer for $5. Still, they keep ordering and each time I tried to explain to them, they response with, 'false advertisement. What can I do?

How do i approach the situation?


I would ask for a mutual cancellation, time is money!
If a buyer ask for more than I offer for a basic gig I will ask to order the right numbers gigs needed if they do well if not I will ask for a cancellation.


Send them a custom offer with the correct amount and have them accept it before proceeding with the gig. Or request a mutual cancellation. If they deny it, contact Customer Support.


Kindly state in your gig description that buyers should contact you before placing an order. That should help. But some buyers are just so ignorant that they just place the order without reading your gig description.


Hey @careerplus, I wouldn’t fret too much about how to approach the situation, and here’s why:

Once you’ve laid things out clearly in your gig, there’s nothing else you can do for Buyers who don’t take the time to read it - or worse, ignore it and try to manipulate you into doing extra work.

What’s key here is making sure you have a strategy for dealing with the issue quickly and getting back on track with your workload. The most important factor here is preserving your own time.


mutual cancellation and in your reason to the buyer, let them know you cancelled because of the cost. interested buyer will still contact you for further inquiry…

Aside stated in your description, you can also let them know to contact you first before ordering.


Try to get a detailed task list of what your buyer wants to happen, and if it does not fit your gig opt for mutual cancellation.


I concur!

I love custom offers, whenever a buyer asks a stupid question I will answer with a custom offer and a short explanation: I will do X in 3 days for $X.


Let them know about your service and if they agree then deliver your work or if disagree then ask for mutual cancellation. Thanks :slight_smile:


Something that is very often…people don’t read!! all :/. Just be patience and set an automatic answer, in that way you won’t have to write it again every time they ask.


Here is the same problem,there is no work for 5$ in my field (web development) , that’s why day by day increasing my cancellation rate :frowning:


Ask them to add more gigs or send custom offer if they still don’t respond cancel your order.


i think you need to change your gig title. Make it easier for buyer to understand. Also put a detailed line in your gig description on top with bold font.


Exactly. Custom offers are a good way to get the price straight. And you’re indirectly putting the ball in the buyer’s court. If they accept, you get paid the right amount for your efforts. If they ignore, you aren’t losing anything anyway.


Hi Jane !

Let me introduce myself so you know that I am not speaking out of thin air - I am Anshuman a seasoned (6+yrs of exp) Business Management Pro and currently working with consultants across industries & geographies like IT, Automobiles, Retail etc…

Coming to your question - I did read very good replies from others in the community about Customizing an offer impromptu , Cancelling the Order… etc…
No body likes Bad Reviews and an angry customer - while since, you are running a business, you do not want to waste - Time = Money of either party. So, you need to balance between the both.
If majority of your customers point out that you have a False Advertising - it simply points to one Major Action Item - FIX YOUR AD !!
Now dont get me wrong - You are definitely an Accomplished Seller with over 900 satisfied customers with dazzling reviews - but The online Marketplace does work a bit differently than a proper Brick n Mortar Business.

So, use Keywords, Use Bullets, Use Highlights, Use Bold Letters, Use Capitalization - Now this is the limit of Fiverr’s Palette as of now.

Dont give unnecessary information Overload of what your capabilities are - Instead Address Customer’s Problem Statements (Generic ones) which Are Right on Target for your Offering !!

That should reduce the number of complaints regarding your Service Ads.
As for customizing a package - On a long term perspective - A business man/woman, would lose more of her time and effort and the ROI on that spent resource would not even compare to if you have a standard package with excellent ads and keyword targeting.

You would ask, then Cancellation is an option - Right ? Here, again I would say - No- because, you never know what Huge potential Customer you are denying your service to and losing him to your competition.

So, dont cancel, not unless the requirement is drastically wayward from your offerings… Just Fix your Ad and Offering Highlights !

Would love to hear your views on it !!
Have a great day !


put a bold highlight text on description as "always contact me before buy a gig or i have to cancel the order ". when he/she contacted, try to give a custom offer instead to buy a normal gig


cancellation rate will increase, that’s not good for move to other level for sellers


This is great info. I’m new to Fiverr. Just a day old. I’m excited about opportunities and concerned as well. Great insight.


There will always be some that will not read the description, just imagining in their head what they will receive (just had one today), no matter how well explained, in bold and highlighted, plus reminded in the instructions to get started. That’s part of the business. If I sense that the buyer genuinely needs help, maybe his/her English is not too good, I help if possible and take the risk of a negative review (which has happened a couple of times), but all in all, it works out well. In business you have to take risks! :slight_smile:


Depending on the request/expectation I usually try to accommodate them. I view my basic $5 Gigs™ as 15 minutes worth of my time. If I can accomplish what the new buyer is wanting, somewhat within that window, I’ll try to provide it. I’m only a Level 2 seller, and have only been working on Fiverr® for a few months, so I still view my position as a brand building growth period. Customer service, and repeat client retention is paramount… it builds my portfolio, and each positive review helps new business.

My advice is to measure the time you’ll allow yourself to work on a $5 Gig™, keeping in mind the benefit for a valuable repeat client, and try to do as much within that time window to help them out… obviously communicating with them what the $5 Gig™ entails, and which Gig™ extras would be appropriate for them.

In situations like this, I keep in mind that a successful/satisfied client will likely tell their peers about the experience in their lives; and that Fiverr® as a platform is growing and gaining popularity in new markets. That means that first time Fiverr® buyers don’t necessarily know what to expect (after all, the advert they’ve heard probably says everything’s $5).