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How to talk with buyers as a new seller

Hi guys, I’m a new here. I’ve chatted with some buyers recently but couldn’t seem to convince them to order. I even edited samples for them to show my work but nothing worked. I think its the fault of my communication skills. Should I sound eager to help, relaxed, should I ask for too much information about the project in one time ? etc.
It has happened 3 times, I don’t want to loose more buyers. Someone please guide me.

Thank You in Advance


When buyer knock you
as soon as possible you reply
and communication formally call sir or mam, :innocent:
i wish buyer give you order


Thank you, yes I did all that but I guess for way to much info

If you edited the files (or pictures) they sent you and they have disappeared, that’s because you’ve already done your part of the job - just didn’t get paid for it.
I know it’s difficult as a new seller but NEVER do anything for free. It’s not your communication skills - it’s just that you probably failed to see that they’ve exploited you.
(Or if you meant that you showed them your previous work, then it’s possible that they just didn’t like it which happens.)

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Thank you, yes I’m aware of that so I did a very basic editing of 1 picture, thought this was the least I could do to gain there trust…I don’t know. Without any reviews how can I prove myself…persuading needs lots of practice I guess.

If you are offering editing service you’ve surely done many before - why don’t you put together a portfolio of you fancier work? For me (personally) it’d read much better than someone offering to test edit my pictures (to be fair I’m capable of doing that myself so I’d only ask people to do more complex editing I can’t handle).
Gaining trust without reviews can only be done through examples (I think, at least).
Unfortunately there’s plenty of people who use newbies like this - it’s tough for sure.


ok will do that, once again thank you soo much :slightly_smiling_face:

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Many buyers do not like to be called “sir or mam” as they see it as patronizing. When talking to a buyer it is best to call them by their user name unless they tell you their given name.