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How to tell if your buyer offer is rejected


How can you tell if your buyer offer is rejected? Or do you just assume no reply mean no job!


This is eoinfinnegan to Major mymaha,

The way to know if You’ve really made the grade

is if the buyer accepts the offer and the papers want to know whose shirts you wear.

When they do order, I am happy And I’m floating in a most peculiar way

After completion when they review the 5 stars look very different.

or they give you 1 star And there’s nothing I can do


Well if you sent an offer and you never get a notification he accepted it, then your buyer has rejected the offer


ok! simple as that :slight_smile:


very funny, thank you :slight_smile:


To be fair, I have had buyers accept offers 2-3 months after I sent it so it is difficult to know.


Though surely the vast majority of the time people will know within about 2 weeks. Probably within 1 week being the most likely. It probably also depends if the offer was sent on a weekend - it might not be seen/accepted till the Monday if it’s a business. So there’s probably a graph that can be created where within a few days/a week is the most likely and the chances getting less and less of it being accepted as time goes on.


I noticed there are Buyer Requests that are months old some I have made offers on and nothing has been done with them. This explains it.


I wish there was a way to know, it would really help.
Here’s something that happened with me: I sent someone an offer with 1 day as delivery time considering my schedule was free at that time, and for about a week got no response, I assumed the buyer was not interested. I had my exams coming up so went on vacation mode. The vacation period ended and that’s when they placed the order, since I do not really get orders unless through BR I had no idea what was coming. I did not check the site & my delivery time was exceed. For the first time, I got a rating of 1 star. Every other before that had been a 5 star, I was so disappointed.


I think a button for buyers to reject offers seems like a good idea to me


I think there is an option to decline a single offer sent (eg. if they ask for a custom offer in a message), but not on the buyer requests page - on the buyer request page there could be 30 or more offers sent to a request and clicking “decline/reject” on each of the sent offers that the buyer deidn’t want to accept could take more effort than buyers would probably want.

On the buyer request page it would be easier if there was a “reject all other offers” button, for after they have selected the one(s) they want to buy from. And that could let all of those sellers know their offer wasn’t accepted. Though they might try one or 2 and still not get the work done to their satisfaction so they might want to look at the remaining ones and maybe try one of those.


I was wondering what the offer section on top of the buyer request means? When you get a buyer request and then they tell you what they want and on the offers section, I’ve had it saying about 9, sometimes I get 19. Does that mean there are that specific amount of works to be done each or does it mean that the buyer requested that amount to individual sellers? For example, requesting 9 sellers… or… requesting 9 pieces of work?


The “Offers” in the screenshot below (that says “23”) means that 23 offers have been sent for that buyer request (eg. 23 different sellers have sent an offer to that request).



My buyer says, to get things done, you’d better not mess with Major Mymaha.

(If anyone doesn’t have a clue what Eoin and I are blathering on about, I suggest Googling “Space Oddity” and “Ashes to Ashes”)

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thank you very much. also I live in the UK and would like to change my currency to pounds too, as shown in the screenshot you posted, how do I do that please?


If you go to any page on the main Fiverr site and scroll right down to the bottom, there’s a currency drop-down where you can change from $ to £.


Thank you for that important and well appreciated piece of info :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome! :sunny: