How to Think Positive Every Day


Many of us may have heard of the importance of positivity but few can really tell why it’s important.

Barbara Fredrickson, a university professor in Psychology, discovered how negative emotions affect our minds.

In the experiment, participants were asked to tally some objects they listed. Results showed that participants with negative emotions named remarkably fewer than those with positive or neutral emotions.

The conclusion is, negative emotions do narrow our mind, forcing us to pick from limited options. This phenomenon is especially observable when we are in life-threatening situation, where we have to take immediate action.

So it’s really important to think positive.But… how?

    • Start with your posture: sit up straight! It’s more than etiquette.
    • Have a teaspoon in your pocket
    • Instead of news, read something uplifting in the morning
    • List 3 things you’re grateful for every day
    • Use the app “Happify” to cultivate positivity scientifically
    • Celebrate your small wins every day


I’m curious, how a teaspoon in your pocket makes you think positive?


I’d love to know more about the teaspoon as well please!


A Quora user, William Peynsaert, thinks of a brilliant idea to use a teaspoon for our evasion from negativity.

All we need is a teaspoon. Nothing more.

What we do is to put the teaspoon into either one side of the pocket. Whenever we feel like formulating a negative thought, put the teaspoon into another pocket. Just that simple.

The principle behind is that the action occupies our brains so we don’t have spare resources to bring up any negative thoughts. Usually we are quite impulsive to have negative thoughts and by the time we finished transferring the teaspoon, the urge is long gone and SNAP! We successfully stop a negative thought.

At first we may find ourselves doing it over and over again. But eventually, we will do this less and less.

After all, we can choose whatever utensils or stationery or anything that fit us. It’s just a medium.

It may sound silly but it does work.


Quote the source, please.


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I very rarely think positive anymore. Your ex ruins your life and runs off with all your money, Everyone and their cat suddenly appears and tries to take advantage emotionally and financially. And in the meantime, the rest of the world is constantly trying to blow itself up, find new ways to tax everyone, and breed new legions of idiots.

Positive thinking solves nothing.

Instead, you should just keep your head, maintain the moral high ground in every adverse situation, and reconcile yourself with the fact that your universe and its problems can’t be wished away with a spoon. You need to wake up in the morning before it does, sneak into its room, put a pillow and a revolver to its head and say, “today universe, you do my bidding.”


Look at rabbits kissing. They can bloody murder innocent babies and they’ll still look like the cutest little things.


This is the advice of someone on Quora? :stuck_out_tongue:

It does sound pretty silly. And for some people, maybe it does work. To me, though, playing musical pockets with a spoon, is just… well… playing musical pockets with a spoon. The only thing that will stop negative thoughts or outbursts is self-control. And you do that in your brain… not your pockets.


There are days when naming objects just isn’t a big deal for me to be honest.
On those days I tend to spend my time dealing with bigger issues rather than seeking something to wish them away. It is a lot more productive to deal with issues than to name objects or wish things. I believe this kind of “just find a way to keep smiling” mentality is the cause of so many people being on anti-depressants and causes many mental health problems.
When things are bad, playing pretend is not a solution - its a delaying tactic at best.
Finding ways to make things better is what is actually necessary.

How anyone who is described as a psychology professor is willing to suggest that if people remember things better when they are happy then we should find hacks to make them feel happy all the time is beyond me and actually quite scary. Take off the “I’m fine” mask and actually live - embrace the fact that we have emotions to tell us when things are good and bad and follow the logical solutions for when our emotions tell us things are bad: deal with the issues!


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I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions…

~~~Dalai Lama XIV