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How to tip a seller


How do you send money to a seller thru Fiverr?


Some sellers have a specific gig set up for tips. If not, you can always just buy another gig from a seller (like the same one you just bought) and say to the seller in your instructions, “Please just mark this gig as ‘delivered.’ This is a tip for you!” :slight_smile:


Reply to @teenytinypress: Excellent response!


You send money to a seller on fiverr by ordering one or more of hir gigs.

If you want it to be a “tip” just say in the instructions. Nothing to do with this gig except to enjoy the good feelings for recognition of a job well done! Thank you.


Buy 10 for 1 service :D, 5 for the service and 5 for tip


Reply to @teenytinypress: I never knew that! I’ll be sure to tell my buyers that until I reach Level 1…


i sent tip to seller and he didnt get it
where can i track the tips i sent?


It would have been automatically added to the initial order.