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How to to get new order in fiver

Hi i am new seller .please suggestion me how to get new order .i create new 7 gig 1 month but not get order.

Simple. Figure out who your target customers are, go find where they are located, and then convince them to hire you so that you can solve their problems.


It’s almost more than a month getting good impressions and clicks but not able to get any order. Please suggest what more could be done?

I have a question here. I know so far, Fiverr don’t allow communicate with buyer out of Fiverr. How you explain CONVINCE with buyer here?

just marketing your gigs.

Market your gigs. Bring customers into Fiverr. You cannot communicate outside of Fiverr with buyers who have placed orders, but you can certainly develop leads from potential customers, and direct them to your gigs.

What I want to know is why is the idea of marketing and promoting gigs such a foreign and hard-to-understand concept for so many buyers. Fiverr does not guarantee sales and success, yet, so many buyers expect Fiverr to do all the work for them. You guys are freelance business people. Businesses market and promote their services. Why do you think you don’t have to do the same?

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