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How to track my money

Ok, this question stems from me being new to the platform. I’m thinking it should be about time for my money to show up in my Paypal account. it’s not there so I’m looking for how to track what’s happening with the money.

Of course it could just be me being too hasty,

Can anyone help me with this?


Here you go:

Your funds become ‘pending’ for 14 days after the order is marked as complete. Once they clear, you’ll be able to withdraw to PayPal etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I understand that . What I was hoping to find is someplace that showed the status of the funds. You know? something like; you have 3 more days till these funds are available. or something of the sort. Maybe even these funds are pending 2 more days ???


Also where do I find my funds when they become available?

Just go to the fiverr homepage and click on the “selling” tab and then click on “earnings”.

There, you can see a list of orders whose funds are being processed and other things.

And, to the left of the messages that say " Funds Pending Clearance (view order)," you have a “date” column. That column tells you the date when the amount from that particular order will become available.

:arrow_up: This is where you can keep a track of all your earnings and the expected date when your earnings will be made available to you.

Just explore the website a little bit more so you get familiar with all the different features :slight_smile:

When the funds become available, you will be able to see it on the top right-hand side of the homepage (to the right of your profile picture) or any other tab which has another section of Fiverr open (such as analytics tab/Fiverr profiles or gig pages/your dashboard, etc.). When that happens, your profile picture shifts a little to the left in order to accommodate the funds available “widget.”



Thank you. That was great information. My 1st two are coming tomorrow. Kind of exciting.

Thank you again. I’m starting to get pretty excited about Fiverr.

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OK, no doubt I’m missing something really obvious but I’m not seeing a way to transfer funds. I went through the direct deposit setup and it has me on hold for some unspecified amount of time, Probably nothing much . So in the mean time I went to the Paypal option hoping I could expedite things. But further exploring seems to suggest that I need to transfer the funds. I don’t see a way to do that.

What am I missing/

I don’t think you can set PayPal etc. up for withdrawals until you’ve got cleared funds available to withdraw.