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How to track the response we send to the "Buyer Requests" section?

I try to use up all the 10 buyer request bids I get daily. The price quotes and time frame I put on these proposals vary with the work the buyers have requested.

The problem starts when these buyers think that the price quote is too high. They simply message me or order one of my basic packages directly. It is hard to keep track of each and every proposal Ive sent.

If I do recollect that I had sent them a higher price quote, I simply mutually cancel the basic order they have place without my consent.

Is there a way to keep track of all the people to whom I have sent the “buyer request” proposals to?

Good Question. I think a simple excel worksheet could be prepare to keep the record.
User name : Job Detail : Offered amount
So when you are getting orders you can put a look at excel sheet if there is matching name for direct orders. So you can keep talking with your offered price and can send him/her extras.

Thats a solution but its too arduous. I think Fiverr should just include a notification with the offered amount and time when we receive a message from such buyers.

Fiverr shows the original job post along with your proposal details such as the Offer, Amount, revisions, delivery time on top of the first (inbox) message received from the buyers. However, sometimes if a buyer sends you a message through your gig, this is not shown.

When this happens to me, I ask the buyer if they are contacting me directly or posted a job post along with the reason for this question.

That was helpful. Thanks.

You are welcome.