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How to transfer funds from fiver to local bank account Via Payoneer WITHOUT card

Hey there!

Recently, I had been searching for a way to transfer my payoneer funds to my bank account without using a card as at that time I did not have the luxury of owning one. A week back, I asked many people and searched extensively but there was mixed opinion with most people saying that it’s impossible to withdraw funds without a Payoneer card.
This is wrong!
You can actually draw funds from your own local bank account without a card, I have done so my myself having transferred up to 20K. I thought it would help you guys if I shared my experience. So here is the step by step guide of what I did to actually be able to draw funds from my own local bank account.
Step one: it is necessary to have a local bank account, a preexisting, or a new one.
Step 2: create a payoneer account. You have to remember to choose the “local bank account” category at the very start. Fill in accurate details that correspond with your original CNIC. If you don’t do this, there may be problems in authentication.
Step 3: link your payoneer with fiver by opening the revenue tab and clicking on bank transfer to include the details of your payoneer account. Payoneer will then start to show a fiver in its fund sources.
Step 4: you can then transfer your funds to the payoneer bank account by clicking on the fund transfer again.
Step 5: now comes the part where you add your local bank account to payoneer. To do this you have to:
• click on the withdraw to bank account option
• Here you will be given the a “from” tab and a “to” tab
• Immediately below the “to” tab is a small blue writing saying “add new”
• Click on it
• It will prompt you to answer some security questions and will take you to a bank info page where you will write all your bank details.
• Choose the bank name in the appropriate field
• add the bank branch as written on your cheque book
• add your official accurate account name for example mine is Aimanibbi
• add your IBAN or international account number. This can be found online, just search account to IBAN conversion and find the relevant link. It is also written on the cheque book.
• Choose your bank account swift code, this is simple as the tab gives you the options with the bank names so you can simply choose your bank’s name.
• Finally add the bank description, this is nothing important. You can add any name, for example, put “ubl account”, or “first bank account”, or “bank”, it doesn’t matter. It is for your ease so that you know which account you are handling.
• Submit the details to link the bank
Step 6: Add in the withdrawal amount
Step 7: Add the transaction description, this is also for your use, so that you can label different transactions. Simply put anything you like in this field
Step 8: click next and proceed on, providing the authentication details which you will be asked. The process is simple enough and finally finish it off. The transaction will be received in your local bank account within 3-4 working days.

This is how I managed to transfer my funds directly to my bank account without the payoneer card. I hope this information helps all you guys out there. Thanks a lot and good day!



Good Job. Let me ask a 1 question. How much fee the local bank charge for the transaction from Payoneer account? or is it free.


Very nice and informative article, thanks for sharing with us, I will definitely try like this.

Really informative. Well done!

@technodesigners thanks for the appreciation, I think it costs 0$ because I transferred 215 $ and received 22022 pakistani Rs. I don’t know about other countries though.

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Very helpful topic.

Hay ! Informative Post related to Pakistani Freelancers on Fiverr.

I have few questions i would like you to answer Please .

1 : First What authentication is required by your bank ?

2 : Your Account was in Local Currency or In Dollars ?

3 : You were having Current account on Your Bank ?

What i know is " You should have dollar account in order to receive Funds in Dollars then they will converted into your Local Pkr Currency ?

Can you please Elaborate into these question ? It would be helpfull for other as well . In ever tried this option ever in my almost 3 year experience . Even my First Payoneer card is going to expire in next month will order a new one .

So Looking forward for your reply ! Thank you in Advance !



@pintoo0 here is what I think and have experienced. I hope my answers satisfy your questions.
1 : First What authentication is required by your bank ?
If you already have a working local bank account for example hbl or ubl or any other local branches, they set certain questions for you on account creation. There is your password, and your personal bank number that they require. That’s it. No other documents or extra information is needed. Simply answer the questions such as your date of birth and your mothers name, basically information that you yourself set when creating the payoneer account. So its not that big a problem.
2 : Your Account was in Local Currency or In Dollars ?
I fail to understand this question. My payoneer account is in dollars ofcourse, but my local bank account is a regular current account. Also, if you are asking for the dollar to rs conversion, before the actual transfer, payoneer gives you the transfer details with the dollar to rs conversion rate. When first transffered it, it was 104rs for 1$ and I received 22022 Rs for 215 $.
3 : You were having Current account on Your Bank ?
Yes, my account is a simple, plain current bank account of a local pakistani branch.

No, there is no such thing as requiring a dollar account, payoneer converts the transferred sum into pakistani rs before sending it over, so that you actually receive the money in pakisttani rs. Currency.
I hope this answers your question and helps you with your isssue.

Best Regards,

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I strongly believe that this procedure is only applicable to some specified countries like India and Pakistan. When I Contacted Payoneer to get their card, they told me they don’t issue cards for Indian customers rather send the payments directly in to customers’ local bank accounts.

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Thanks for such a detailed post. I need to use the same method. I just have a question, is there any amount limit? I mean can we withdraw about 1000$ at one time? Of course, there isn’t any option in Fiverr to choose how much I want to withdraw.

Can it be transferred in one day

Important Post! Just googled for something that I wanted to know about, and it’s here through your post. Since I’m new to these things, I only want to ask, should we have a personal local bank account (i mean with same name as our payoneer/fiverr accounts) or any of our relatives’ or friends’ whose owners have different account names? Your response will be appreciated. Thank you!

I haven’t tested it out and I am yet to earn, however, we all appreciate for your help.
Thank You!

Very helpful information thanks…

I am following. Reading all the comments.