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How to transfer my first earnings (Help Still Needed)

I’m relatively new to Fiverr and this month I’m finally starting to receive my first orders.

My first earnings are available to withdraw but I wanted to double check a couple of things before I start trying to transfer anything.

Can I make a bank transfer to any bank account or does it have to be this Payoneer site I’ve never heard of before? The articles I read were a few years old so I hope this is no longer the case.

To those people who do use the bank transfer feature - is it safe? Can my bank account details be stolen through Fiverr?

Finally, does Fiverr charge us to transfer our earnings? The article I read said there was a $3 to transfer our funds but again I’m hoping this is no longer true.

(Sorry if all of this seems like really obvious questions - I’m still fairly new to all this)


It is explained here:

Thank you for replying but I’m still unsure.

Can I make a bank transfer to any bank account?
It is safe?
Is there a charge to transfer earnings?