How to Transfer my gig to featured page/home page



I am S.r.Sohag. I am working on fiverr from 3months. I have got level 1 in 1st month. But from second month i am not getting any order. So i am very disappoint. I don’t know that how i will get more order. I uploaded vedio 3times on my gig but it has been denied. I don’t know why.

“I think if i could transfer my gig in the feature page/home page of fiverr. I could get more order. So is there anyone to tell me how i can transfer my gig to fiverr home/featured page…??”



@voiceoverwork Ignore this idiot. they copied and pasted my gig description and wondered why they are not getting any sales.



Yeah I just saw that a moment ago.


I’d like to transfer her gig to “SPAM”. Maybe then she’ll stop.