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How to transfer revenues to paypal?

Hi guys, im new here on fiverr, i got my first job yesterday and i got the money today, but i have problems to withdraw my revenues, for some reason the option to get them by paypal is marked gray, and i have the bank transfer option, but i still would like to get them straight to paypal, any one know how i can link my account?

It’s too soon. When the order is complete the system shows you how much you earned, but it’s not ready for withdrawal. Funds take about 14 days to clear. When you have cleared funds, your PayPal button will work.

You might want to wait to withdraw, though. When you only withdraw a $4 payment (for example) PayPal hits that pretty hard with a fee. If you wait until you have $50-100 to withdraw you are past the cap for PayPal and they’ll only take $1 out of your whole withdrawal.

Ok thanks for answering my questions ! i will wait, thankfully i will get that amount!

It might take a while but a lot of people make anywhere from a few bucks for gas or snacks to a full-time salary. You put in a lot of effort, you have more chances. Even if you really need the money before you get all the way to the first $100, just wait as long as you can to reduce the impact of the fee. It will sting less if you even wait until you have 5 sales, since out of the $20 you earn the withdrawal to PayPal will be enough to buy something you want or need. :slight_smile: