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How to treat your fiverr account like a business


Reply to @giancarlorosa: the spelling aspect is very important.


Thank you so much !!! Helpfully !


Reply to @megatraffic2014: Very! I have seen gigs with terrible spelling, no punctuation, or any grammar concepts. Some of them still get sales, but mainly low review.

giancarlorosa said: refer you.
Referrals have been very important for my somewhat success! If you do a good job, people will end up referring you to friends.


Great tips for sellers.

I follow all of them.

Sales have been really slow this past month not sure why… sigh


I’m new to fiverr. I will follow these tips definitely!!!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Useful tips.


Really good


Hi, I think those are great tips! My favorite two are #3 and #6.