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How to trust a seller

Some of you may remember me from having an issue with a seller that caused me problems with my facebook page. Well, all is good now as Facebook has given me my page back to me and has handled the issue.

Since then I have hired 2 other sellers one was outstanding he delivered as promised but couldn’t do the other things I needed ( other gigs lots of pending work maybe?) So I went on the lookout for another seller to do a task Making a logo, He did, but it was way to small and he tried and tried but just kept sending me logos that are too small,

He did not offer a refund so I emailed Fiverr support and they gave me a refund. They saw in the chat we had that he just couldn’t do it.

Here I am again needing more work on my website and looking for another seller some are way too high priced, Some type such poor English I can’t even understand their replies.

My worry is how can I trust someone here?? This job I need to have done can be done well or they can totally mess up my website all the HTML tags etc… can all be ruined and I a scared to take a chance.

I have one seller messaging me a lot really wanting the gig he assures me 100% SATISFACTION and quotes a lot of lingo about white hat, meta tags, Shopify expert ect, a lot of things I like to hear as a buyer he is trying to instill confidence but he is a new seller. I am very leery now to use Fiverr.

I will say I did have a great seller who built my site but these other sellers are a concern and are causing me to be leery of Fiverr. Any advice??

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They should hopefully have a server they can work on your site with using a copy, or have some way to use a copy of the site rather than the actual site.

I don’t blame you for being worried that it will somehow be a disaster. Look at reviews and try to find one with lots of them. At the risk of getting criticized I suggest trying to find a top rated seller, although even that is no guarantee. My understanding is that top rated sellers are under more review than other sellers by fiverr staff.

The new seller is very eager and knows what to say, but still he needs to have a way to work on a copy of the site. I know you need someone who can set it up for you though. Hopefully someone here who has experience with this can answer better than I can.

Make sure you have a way to backup your site and know how to use that if needed.

Even I know something about white hat, shopify and meta tags but wouldn’t know how to implement commerce ability in a site so simply talking a good game isn’t really a guarantee.


I, personally, would stay as far away as possible from such sellers. Besides, nowadays, with Google’s help, anyone with a basic command of the English language and a basic understanding of a particular topic can make it sound like they’re an expert/professional in that topic.

In my opinion, you need to vet them more thoroughly. Obviously, you will be looking at sellers’ profile/gig descriptions and reviews. Additionally, have a conversation with them about the stuff you want them to work on. Frame your questions in such a way that it tests their technical skills/knowledge so that you can gauge whether or not they will be the right fit for your project.

Also, like @misscrystal said,


Yes I suppose I could make a copy of my site and upload it to my computer It is a shopify site I need links added, and possibly some seo work? Funny I just had the seo work done and the person that did it is not on fiverr hes is on freelancer he did a good job and has also done other work.He however, is pricey and I know you get what you pay for.

But odd some here on Fiverr tell me I have seo issues perhaps not enough time has passed for the changes he did to take effect? but I clearly see what he did so I know it was done. But It will need maintenance,links

I dont want someone messing with the code of my site or worse I think they did a good job when actually they did a poor job or worse I get poor links or links that are irrelevant ones ect… I am a newbie at this and need a honest person that knows what there doing.

I asked if he has a website or other work he can show me and then he went silent

You can never blindly rely on a random seller on any freelancing site and expect them to be 100% honest. Sure, you might come across many honest sellers. However, there is always a probability, a chance that your seller might be a scammer/liar. You may never know until it’s already too late (your Facebook situation)!

In order to avoid such situations from recurring, you need to either vet your sellers extremely thoroughly or improve your knowledge of the topic/field that your sellers work on to a level where you are at least able to assess the quality of the products/services rendered.

That’s not a good sign. :flushed:


Just got this reply from the seller wanting me to hire him

Hope you are doing well.

So, you are not sure to buy services from . Yeah, from a customer prospective you may right. But apart from your bad experience.

We make sure you that Client service is the top priority of our firm. I admit that we are new seller on Fiverr but we are having a 3+ years of experience in digital marketing. Our team firstly find the need of every client then start making strategies accordingly.

Because every client has different perspective regarding their business.

At last, Our team definitely try to provide the same level of support as you were expecting from a seller.

Your satisfaction is our first priority.


I’m not sure that making links to your site is going to do anything but I’m not an expert, even if the links work and were actually done.

About that reply from the new seller, no comment. :no_mouth:


well its a new site so I dont have any at all. I need 1 or 2 good relevant sites to link too this would help me,But so many on Fiverr offer hundreds of links.

I was told 100% DONT DO THAT!! as that can cause spamming issues and possibly get my site banned. I also need to be sure my seo is correct and all ok. So many different opinions and the quality of the work I need varies so much here on fiverr and having a programmer 5000 mi away that has poor english scares me.

Why should they care about my site?? and If they have that attitude this can cause a big problem for me.

Whos to say they wouldn’t send my site to thousands of sites or do something to get my site banned? Its a trust thing and after 2 bad experiences and DAYS before I hear from fiverr support .

This all makes me now think twice before I use fiverr again.

Fiverr needs a live chat or something there support is very weak and takes DAYS to get answers.

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Not the seller’s fault. Fiverr’s ToS state that no outside links can be shared with buyers except those allowed which are listed here:

They might be able to send you a pdf of website screenshots with the website URLs removed but that’s about all you could expect from a seller who rightly wants to stay within the ToS.


Before you proceed any further with selecting a seller make a backup of your site and copy the code to a text editor. Next, narrow down your needs of the website to something small and use that as testing field for vetting a potential seller. Once you net a good seller then issue out tasks in small portions instead of large loads; this may make things easier to track and manage for both you and the seller.

If time is of the essence then you may wish to visit the Fiverr Pro section and choose from the lot. I would offer my services but I haven’t coded in months. Also what range is your budget in? You don’t have to give numbers just the digit class (in the two or three digit range).

Really hope things work out for you.

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You can assess the seller before purchasing from him/here. Do some seller research, read their reviews, contact them directly and get to know how they can help you. Trust is built and earned. You can usually start this process by talking to the seller before deciding to place an order.


Did you give him the dimensions you wanted when you ordered? This is very important when dealing with artists. When I used to order t-shirt designs, I would copy and paste Teespring’s specifications. You should also provide visual examples, not “give me a palm tree” but find a picture of a palm tree you like, and include the link.

You live and learn. How is Fiverr different from trying out a new restaurant or advertising your business on the Yellow Pages. The difference is Fiverr is cheaper, and sadly, customers can always get their money back, so sometimes sellers work for nothing. So the real question is how can sellers trust buyers, how can we trust that the buyer isn’t going to demand a refund or do a PayPal chargeback afterwards?

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this is important i think. study /proper communication is important for selling and buying both.

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@kram1963 I would love to know the ID of that seller so if you feel like it you could message me, not here but in my regular inbox. I’ve been half heartedly looking for a website designer myself.

ok well I did not know that but why couldn’t the sell tell me just what you told me>>> Fiverr’s ToS state that no outside links can be shared with buyers except those allowed which are listed here:

yes I did he also saw the website and where it was going to go. He knew and also confirmed that he understood my requirements

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No idea I’m afraid - you’d need to ask the seller you approached. Maybe ask if they could send you some examples in a pdf so that they stay within the rules?