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How To Turn Buyer into Sale ? Professionally

Hello All! I am Osama Khan a new seller on the Fiverr platform i want to know that I am a new seller I am getting almost on average 100 impressions and a single click each day on my gig many buyers are also reaching me but it really hard to convert them into a sale how can I convert the buyer into a sale who is reaching me on Fiverr i am really trying my best. I have some reviews I had done 10 orders but after that orders, I am not getting orders and I have a 5-star rating in all also I have all the stats to 100 per cent but still not getting more
please seniors need your suggestions regarding this


You sound like you are doing all the right things.

Maybe give your profile some updating with more details and re-write your Gig descriptions with more details.

Eventually you will have Buyers choosing your services.


actually, i have updated one of my gig descriptions and as far as I know, changing gig description or title affects your gig ranking?

i am doing website designing and providing services on WordPress wix and weebly what keyword’s i should use to rank my gig ?

If buyers are reaching to you through your inbox and later you can’t convert them into a sale then there should be issue with your communication or with the things you are describing them after…

If they are reaching out to you, it means your gigs are good and they are getting impressed and it lead them to come to your inbox !


this is also a thing i am not getting them exactly what they are looking for or what they are trying to say
i will look on it and will improve my communication skills
do i update my gig description my gig is ranking on a good position will it effect my ranking if i change ?

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Gig ranking keep changing , but if your gig is on good position I would say don’t touch it and let it be where it is !

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yes this is the thing i am not changing the description of my gig as gig is ranking in between first 5-8 pages will try to improve my communication skills and the understanding skills as well.

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one thing more i had buyers and i had orders and had done them all with 5 star rating but from the last 7-10 days i am getting impressions and clicks but no one is reaching me out what you would suggest me in this case ?

All I can say is ," Just Wait".
One more thing you can try is to search buyer’s request and find a good requests that you think you can do best and send them offers for their needs !

Yes I should wait something good will happen soon :slight_smile: Insha’Allah
and i am sending buyer requests already but from now i will strictly send all the 10 every day


one more thing please
let consider you are a website designer and you are about to send a buyer request to a buyer who is asking for that i need a website designer for my wordpress website
how you will send him a request i need to know what should i write in that to make my buyer request more catchy ?
how you will send need suggestions
i send like i will design a wordpress responsive website for you using this page builder on this platform looking forward to hearing from you i sent like this
What additions or changes do i do in sending buyer request ?

This will help you: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Responding to Buyer Requests).

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I hate to sound mean, but just by looking at your messages I can see why. Your grammar is a bit off when you talk in chat, and people who want websites want it to look perfect. Try using grammarly when you talk with customers, it will fix everything for you.

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haha thanks !
I will add it too :slight_smile:

i had visited the fiverr help and education center and that was helpful
also yes i know i need to work a lot on my grammar i am using Grammarly already but now i will start improving my grammar
would you people please let me know how you will send a buyer request to a buyer who need website designing services
i want to have a look in different buyer req to improve mine

thanks, man :slight_smile: you are really a good guider

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Just wait and keep update and impress the buyer as a confident seller