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How to ulpoad a .Gif as a gig image?

Hi there,

How is that possible?
I asked him and he told me he have a trick and asked $30 for that trick :]

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You can change it to a .jpeg. As a graphic designer that should be easy for you.

I not asking how can make it a .Gif.

But you can not upload a gif as a gig image. It was an exploit, I reported it and as you can see he changed it.

As a witch, you should read my mind.

No need to “read your mind” when you stated your question so clearly:
“How to ulpoad a .Gif as a gig image? How is that possible?”

I have read dukanu’s mind.

It wasn’t pretty. Consider yourself lucky. I saw things nobody should have to see.

“As you can see he changed it” He has one gig designing logos?

Damn! Et tu, Brute? Please don’t share anything…

Yes his only gig used to have a animated .Gif as gig image.

You are right… I thought everyone know you can not upload a animated .Gif as a gig picture. Imagine any page on Fiverr full of animated addons…

My apologies for being rude,


If you find out, can you please share how he did it? I’ve seen a couple of gigs with a .gif as the primary image too! I was kind of surprised the first time I saw it because I was like “What the. It’s moving!” haha

That was my thought too.

I did not find out. Just report to Fiverr all gigs using a .Gif as gig image. They seem to fix it asap.

so the result is, we can’t upload a .gif as a gig image

Hi @dukanu here is the little trick you may be looking for if your have a GIF and want it to upload as profile or gig image then first convert it to animated PNG from GIF to Animated PNG converter . Then save converted file and upload it to your profile.


So… we’re reporting people for creativity or due to the fact that they wont share their knowledge? Is it that serious? :thinking: