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How to unblock a buyer?

I accidentally blocked one of my clients. Now I can’t find any option to unblock him. I will be very happy if you anyone give me an idea how to unblock him.

Thank You.:heart:


If that happened to me I would go to the Fiverrr forum and type in the search bar “block unblock” and read.


yeah I am also want

I did actually. But no useful link. thanks for the comment. :heart:

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It is explained here:


You are correct.
How to unblock seller? - No answer.
Accidentally Block A Client - Worst, knows the answer, did not share it.
How do we block buyers? - this could have something

I will check deeper into this.

Buyers can stop their communications with sellers or refrain from ordering, and in turn we give you the ability to block communication and orders from certain buyers as well.

Note: This feature is not yet available to all sellers.

To block a buyer:

  1. From the buyer’s user profile page, click Block .
  2. Select a reason from the list, and then click Submit.


  • You can also block a user by using the report a message feature within the inbox.
  • Once the buyer is blocked, they will not be able to communicate or place an order with you.
  • The buyer will not be able to view your gigs or profile.
  • You have the option to unblock the user as well, by clicking Unblock

It seems strange that he was not able to see the Unblock option?


The above is copied from the link I gave. If he has further questions there is a Contact Us icon at the bottom of the article.


Yes, but you also know if you are here long that clicking on links is hard and having the text here is easier for some. :smiley:

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funny thing is buyer can see my message but can’t answer it. I deleted the message too, so there is no option to for mark as unspam message.

Just click the link I gave if you need further help.


I figured it out!

1.At the top menu, you need to select the “More” option.
Then choose “Contacts”.
2. You’ll see a list of people that have bought from you.
Find they buyer you blocked and click on “History”
3. Click on a message in the “In Conversations” tab.
You’ll be taken to your messages with the buyer, where you’ll be notified that you need to unblock the buyer to contact them.
4. Click on the word “Unblock”, it’s written in blue so it’s hard to miss.

Who knows why this is so complicated… Maybe there’s an easier way. But that’s how you can do it.

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