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How to unblocked an account

Hi there my name is prince gupta

I am seller on Fiverr and want help in behalf on friend. Actually my friends account has been blocked and Fiverr is the only income of source for him. Is there any one who can provide me suggestions on this matter. Looking forward to you

Fiverr rarely reinstates accounts.

Why was your friend’s blocked?

He was telling me that he was late in delivered the order

And is his account disabled?

Yeah blocked he can’t log in

Do you know any suggestions bro


Unfortunately, there is nothing we forum users can do (cuz we are sellers/buyers just like yourself). Therefore, we cannot really suggest you anything that can help your friend out. Your friend will have to talk to CS. Only they can help. They have the final say.

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Yeah we have sent the mail to them but I don’t think that his account is blocked because of late delivery because he has around 600 reviews and working on Fiverr from years and also he has lots of money in his account

I think you have the wrong idea of Fiverr.

Fiverr doesn’t give preferential treatment based on how much money you’ve earned for them… or if you are a TRS seller… or if you have been on Fiverr right from the very first day. They just don’t care about stuff like that.

There are so many cases of highly successful Fiverr sellers having their account banned forever for going against the ToS. Some have even been banned for no real fault of theirs.

‘You did a mistake/went against the ToS? You’re gonna get punished no matter what’ has been Fiverr’s motto.

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But this is not the way they should treat seller because what if the seller has the only source of income on Fiverr and if Fiverr banned his account then what will remains in his life they can punish seller by fine but if they banned their account how they will ear money for their family. That’s very big question

I totally agree with you. But what can we do? Fiverr is the owner… They can do whatever they want. And compassion is not something they can afford to show people. Cuz if they show compassion toward one person, a million more are gonna come over asking Fiverr to show mercy :confused:

There are several other freelancing platforms out there. Why restrict yourself?

That’s why it’s a good idea to diversify and have more than one source of income.


You are right but they should tackle this because if there are millions with that problem then it will not good for Fiverr and also they don’t worry about it.

Why should they tackle that when they don’t even care about it? lol… Just by you saying they should care… It is not going to make them care.

That’s the sad reality. There is nothing we can do about it. Except to diversify like catwriter already mentioned.

Yeah you are right I also have more than one source of income but what will happen if someone has lots of money in his account and then his account is blocked what he will do in this situation. As we have send the request to Fiverr so let’s see what they will react to it

The money will be released after 90 days if the account remains blocked.


I have heard that 90 days after the account closure, you should contact Fiverr again and they will tell you how to withdraw the remaining money from the blocked account.

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Ok that’s very relaxing comment thanks

Yeah thanks for this information I will appreciate that

But can’t the account be unblocked again