How To Understand Buyers And Sellers Who Have Trouble With English


If you’re struggling understanding your seller or buyer because English isn’t their first language; Here are some tips:

  1. Offer questions one at a time instead of multiple questions… This minimizes confusion for them and translation engines like google translate. I found the more you try to translate using a translation service, the more confusing it gets.

  2. If you’re offering a large order gig/have a larger budget, a translator could be an option. Be sure to read gigs and ask translators on here if they can do this for you first before ordering a gig like this.

  3. Fun little thing I found out when speaking to someone today:
    Take their sentence and translate it to their native language. Then, translate it back to English. I found that it was much clearer and sounded like what they meant to say!

Comment if you have any other tips!


Thanks for the tips. I work with many non-fluent English speakers. I think my years trying to interpret students writing has helped me interpret messages from these type of clients. Did you change your profile picture?


thanks for your effective post I will try to my best conversation with my buyer


Great information here, lilacpunch:kissing_closed_eyes:

Also I have found that some buyers put too many requirements in a single message, so I try to confirm each one by one, to make sure nothing is being confused. It takes more patience, but the end result is better for everybody.


No I didn’t change it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m glad it’s helpful for you!


Great tip. I find I do this too now. I use to worry about asking too many questions in the beginning but came to the realization that I’m doing nothing wrong and only trying to deliver top quality work.


@lilacpunch Thanks for your great tips . :+1: I always try my best conversation to my buyer.


It’s always great that people are willing to speak in the native language of their sellers and buyers!


Thanks a lots for this important topics


the hardest part for seller…
but you have uncle google translate…


I try not to sell to buyers who have big problems with English as sometimes they not only can’t read the messages I send, but don’t know what they are buying. This leads to a bad experience for both of us.


I had never looked at your profile picture before. When I did, I asked myself, if it was you or your daughter. Then is your picture of you or your daughter? You look too young to be so knowledgeable in your posts. Maybe I am just so old :older_woman: that everyone looks too young to me. Well, not @newsmike or @jonbaas. :thinking: :laughing: :grin: :kissing_heart:



Haven’t had Buyers or potential buyers with a huge language barrier but I can understand where you’re coming from. Most of my gigs are more of a visual so when in doubt I/They could show pictures and get a yes or no on it.


Definitely me! Young looking enough for people to question if I’m an adult :rofl: Not old enough to have a daughter that looks that old though :wink:


Thanks & right for your good question


Absolutely. I think it’s really important as well, to understand their requirements and how you could meet each one of them.


Nice topic…it helps many new sellers…


this is really a topics for knowing something