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How to Undo gig edit after publish

Can we undo gig edit, after publish?
anyone is know HOW to do it? :+1: :+1: :+1:
SO I need to undo my change in my gig


You can’t UNDO it, but if you know WHAT you want to change, you can always edit your gig for that.

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You can not undo Gig edits after you save them. You could go to your gigs page and then edit it again how you like it.


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I’m pretty sure customer support can revert modifications you made to a gig, if there’s a good reason for it, like you lost something in the edit that you can’t retrieve or re-type.

Nevermind. Didn’t see someone necro’d an old post that the op no longer needs help with.

There is no option to undo your published gig. you can create a new one like your previous gig.
if you edit after publish it will be denied from fiverr.