How to unlock milestones


Hello everyone.

How can I unlock the milestone feature when sending the offer to the client. I have one interested in a project way above 100 usd. It’s too risky to work without setting milestones for each part of work done. It’s the explainer videos section.

Thanks in advance!


I did not like milestones because I thought I would get paid at the end of each milestone. But nope, you have to wait until they are all completed. I would rather break the work up into 4 offers and get paid as I go.

Sorry, it was so long ago, I do not remember. :roll_eyes:


the client has the 20% off voucher , i don’t think he’d be interested


normally i would send seperate offers, but have no idea how to deal with this one


I just went to “create an offer in message inbox.” From there you can choose milestones. once you do fill in your options.


I know it should be there but it’s not. FAQ says it’s unavailable to some users, but why though? I cannot make a risk of completing such project as a single gig.


I did not know it was not available to everyone. :thinking:

You may have to bypass this buyer. :confused:


Now that would be ridiculous :smiley: i mean it ruins the whole point of being here. A client interested in an expensive project being rejected.I hope it won’t come to this. Thanks fiverr.


Sorry, I know it is frustrating.


thanks for taking your time to help. I contacted the support directly to resolve this issue.


The milestones feature is still in it’s BETA stages.

Learn more about it here and read the discussion. :arrow_lower_left:


Thanks nika, I had no idea it’s still a beta. that explains why it’s unavailable to me. ;/


You’re welcome!

I’m surprised it hasn’t been rolled out to all users.

The bad thing about the separate orders is your Client will have to pay the additional fee per order. So, I dunno, it could rub him/her the wrong way.

Have a nice evening! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a 4 figure order. I cannot risk chargeback -i reached out to customer support explaining the issue, i kina hope they unlock milestones for me,but you never know.