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How to upload longer gig intro videos

Hello there. I’m having a problem uploading intro videos for my gigs. Since Fiverr only allows two file formats and 50MB max for the file size, I always have to chop my videos down to under 1min. Sometimes less. I don’t think that amount of time is enough for my potential customers to make a good judgment on my skills and ability to get the job done. Yet somehow other sellers are uploading longer videos. How is this possible?

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I like the samples you currently have in your gigs. What do you think is missing? (Fiverr does permit YouTube links, and a few others, so you could direct people to a sample profile.) The list of permitted URLs can be found here, under the Managing Gigs header.


Thank you for your input! I am working on a new gig where a such a short video seems like not enough. But I did not know about links being allowed. Thank you!