How to upload more than 150 MB? :(


Hey guys,
well my suggestion is simple one - i make lyric videos and very rarely upload directly to Fiverr because most of the videos have more than 150 MB.
Can you please approve uploads up to 600 MB?
Because, when i upload to cloud services like - buyer can just take my work (ther is no watermark or any protection) and cancel the gig.
I don’t know… Is there any solution to this problem? =(


I also faced this problem but recently got a plan.
I upload video in 360p format and ask the buyer their views on the output(mostly creativity).
If they feel any problem they use revision. If they are happy I render the video in fullHD and send it after their comments.
CS can investigate by analyzing your past conversation in inbox and order page and if in any case, any buyer would try to cheat you that you haven’t delivered anything, you can show CS enough proof.


Google Drive or Drop Box


Hi emanuelbl,

This is important post. You never send to buyer in direct file without his confirmation. First, You can send to buyer print ready file with mockup. After his confirmation, You can send the file like his requirement. As result, Your work will be 100% protected.


You can

  1. Ad your own watermark before submitting the work and when the buyer approves you can then send them the file without any watermark.
  2. Compressing the file. When I finish rendering my files they are always 1gb+ but I easily compress them to less than 100mb without loosing any quality.


Wow that’s amazing, i must learn how to do that. Is it to much to ask, can you send me a link for a tutorial or something? Please :slight_smile:


tutorial to compressing or adding your own watermark?


Compressing. I just dont know how to do it properly. Thank you so much =) God Bless


There are many ways to compress a video or audio but I can’t find a link to any video that uses my formula. If you like you can send me one of you videos to my inbox that you would like compressed and I will make you a video of how to compress it for free…


@khairul01 It’s video not image. :neutral_face:
@emanuelbl for compressing and resizing video you can try out the free H.264 encoder.


I use MacXvideo converter. In free version, you can convert files up to 5 min. It has converted my 18GB AVI file to 23MB which depends on the duration of the file.


As far as I know, your deliverables are stored on the Fiverr servers forever. It could be that bigger files are removed automatically after, let’s say, one month.


Hi Phantom, well i do use H.264 encoder. My question is can i somehow make smaller MP4 video file with win zip or something similar? o.o


like I said earlier I use this software to compress files without affecting the quality.
It is available for both MAC and Windows.

Here is a link to the official website.


Thanks for this info


Sorry to answer after some days, but here are some insights:

I work with Adobe Media Encoder to transcode my videos for phone usage. Small files, decent quality.

Just render a .mp4 file with the h.264 codec and VBR. About 5 mbps usually does the trick. When I need 2 minutes long videos to fit within 16MB I go down to 0.7-1 mbps. 2-pass if render times aren’t an issue and you go really low on bitrate.

These are pretty lightweight settings, and should produce small-sized videos. Wouldn’t personally use it for final deliveries, though.


Thank you so much. This is very helpful.