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How to uplod 6 sample photos on my gig

fiverr have just 3 pic uploding option

I dnt no im new user

me to i have this problem

This is Fiveer…like with the videos not more then 50 MB and 1 minute video…pictures is limited to 3. More you cant upload. Or you may uppload pdf.

There are a few things you can do to be creative…you can put two samples on a page. Like how some sellers do a before and after, then it only takes up on slide.

Or you can make a short video and display many sample photos inside that one video. Just create a slide show of all your samples and put it to music.


Fiverr normally allowed only three images for the portfolio .

You’re trying to do something that you can’t. Make a video! They allegedly convert by 220%!


good idea :slight_smile:

you can upload in a video

You can upload a PDF file or video.

That’s very helpful to know! I’ve been zipping together multiple files. I’ll stop doing that :slight_smile: thank you.

Some gig categories also allow you to upload up to 2 PDF files - so you could set images inside them as well (as a ‘preview’ shows on the frontend of the gig).

3 option jpg nd 2 options pdf you can create pdf file :slight_smile:

Or, make smaller images, and edit them into one image file… then upload that one image file to your gig gallery. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

If you want you can buy from me an amazing video that will include all 6 images for $10.

lol @logo_effects: