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How to use 3 member 3 acount in one pc

we went used 3 accounts on one pc. if it possible how to it please answer me.

OMG, Did you read the TOS?

Before anyone answers this and implicates themselves in what looks dodgy in the extreme, perhaps you would be so kind as to explain how and why you might want to be doing this?


I searched but did not find it. If you know, please tell

I take it you did not read my post and Q to you.

Answer that or I will not engage in this as it screams dodgy and I will not be seen to support this in any way if you cannot give a good reason why you want to do this thing.


we are 3 person but one pc

We want someone to work with HTML, someone with WordPress, and someone with graphics. We now have a computer.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

The general Rule with TOS is that you must not be running more than one account at any time, or even to close one to start another without permission first…

It is possible for several people to be using different accounts in the same house or even the same computer.

However, and here is where it will become tricky for you, if several people in the same places have accounts (like if my wife were to Fiverr too) they cannot be working in the same spaces. As all three of you are in Web Design by the sounds of it. That sounds complex.

I think you need to explain your plans very clearly and very honestly to CS and follow whatever advice they give you very accurately or all of you could get banned for life.

If (and I am guessing) you are all working collaboratively maybe you qualify to be a Studio.