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How to use a buyer account?

Can anyone help me on how to use a buyer account? I have been a seller here.
Can I buy gigs from the same category in which I 'm selling?


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Yes, you can buy I have done so no problem in that I guess


You use the same account that use use for selling (ie. don’t create a new account for buying as it would be against the TOS and could get your account(s) removed.).

Yes you can buy gigs from the same category as you’re selling, just be careful not to make it seem like you are criticising a seller you are competiting against in the review

eg. see this from the terms of service:

  • Users with the intention to defame competing Sellers by ordering from competing services will have their reviews removed or further account status related actions determined by review by our Trust & Safety team.

As long as it doesn’t seem to Fiverr that you’re doing anything like the above it should be okay.
It might be safer not to leave a review if the person you order from does a very similar gig to yours rather than to leave a bad review.


Thanks @uk1000 for the insight. Your answer was really helpful.
One more question.
Can we use our Fiverr Earnings for the purchase?

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Maddy4work you can purchase from fiverr earnings online.


Yes, you can, like @rehansohail2050 said. Though it still takes a $2 service charge from you even if you pay with your Fiverr earnings.


You must buy with the same account you sell, using your earnings or adding a new payment method: Credit Card, PayPal or Fiverr Credit.

Yes, you can buy gigs from the same category which you’re selling.

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