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How to use balance available

I have a balance available to use on my account due to a refund. I’d like to apply it towards a new order. However, when placing the order, it seems PayPal will bill me the full value of the new order, not the value minus my available credit. How do I use the credit?

I have the same question. Any idea?

The credit you have remaining should equal the gig you are to purchase, it should not be lesser than the amount of the gig you are to purchase.
Balance available to use on your account - $10.00
Gig you want to buy costs - $5.00 (YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS GIG)

if the gig you want to buy costs - $15.00, it will not work and it will charge you the whole amount through Paypal.

That is so odd. The gig I want to buy is $20 over the balance I have and so I can’t apply it?

In 2016 that seems so archaic and backward. Surely there must be a code fix for that, unless it is a deliberate “mistake” to promote heavier spending.
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You can request a custom offer from the seller and split the order into 2 individual orders.
Use your balance first and place a new order for the remaining balance.

so that is mean I can buy other sellers gigs with my “Available Funds” ?