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How To Use Buyer Requests To Get Actual Results


As you may all know getting orders through Buyer Requests is pretty tough to say the least not just for newbies but for even level 2 sellers like me. When I started out I sent requests to whomever I could without putting much thought in it which now I realize was a very poor approach. In the last couple months I’ve experimented and tried countless different methods/approaches and found a few recurring patterns. In order to help you make the most of the 10 requests you are allowed to send within 24 hours I’ll be sharing you with all the advice you need to follow to maximize conversion through Buyer Requests

  1. Never apply for any request if 15 people have already sent a request. It pretty much becomes useless if you do, save your requests you only get 10 a day.
  2. Always keep the buyer requests open in a separate tab and keep checking back ever half hours until you see some new requests.
  3. Carefully read what the buyer wants. You won’t believe how many people send buyer requests without even reading what the buyer wants and when they do reply they end up telling them they can’t do it. Not cool guys, read them carefully before sending any proposals.
  4. Feel like the buyer request haven’t updated in the last 24 hours? Scroll down and you’ll see a lot of new ones. This happens because buyers can bump their gigs to the top once again after they are posted.
  5. When someone says they are looking for a long term relation they mostly are but they are also looking for the lowest rate they can get. I recommend you send a proposal with a somewhat low price and then raise it after the first order. Sounds a bit underhanded but it does work.

If anyone needs any kind of advice, help or guidance feel free to ask I’ll be happy to help.


Sorry but Traffic is really low or sometimes zero during 3 to 5 am.


Thanks for sharing these all tips but i think almost 6 pm to 11 pm is good time to respond to buyer requests if your are in Asia.


I decided to remove the traffic bit then, thanks for the info.


Anytime :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips, I think you’re right. Especially the parts about the not submitting a request if 15 sellers already have and the part about reeding the request carefully.


#1 is an eye opener for me. I usually respond to them without looking at that.





I know what you mean but cases like those are very rare. It goes without saying you need to make a great proposal for buyers in your request. I’ll make a post about it sooner or later though.


Thank you for your advice.
But nothing helps me to get the first job on


Where do you find the Buyer Request tab on the webpage? I see it on the app but not on the site


See the image file. Hope this helped.


That’s a very basic problem for every new gig. Search the forums quite a few posts about this specific topic. :slight_smile:


No problem feel free to ask anything you want to know.





  1. Feel like the buyer request haven’t updated in the last 24 hours? Scroll down and you’ll see a lot of new ones. This happens because buyers can bump their gigs to the top once again after they are posted.

about this one, when you scroll down, how do you know if its a new one? since there are no posting time indicator, which i hope this will be added

thanks, nice info btw


thanks for the heads up!


Really good, practical tips. If there were an option to report people who misuse the buyer requests tab to advertise themselves that’d be great. Maybe @customer support can look into it? It happens to me every day.

I log in to see buyer requests, and 4 out of 10 are people who are not buyers at all, they are sellers advertising their services there. Anxiety inducing as it already is to wait for new buyer requests to pop up, this form of dilution of quality of buyer requests is a big turn off. After clicking ‘remove request’ so many times, one tends to become jaded. These are just sellers hijacking the buyer request thread, and as a result it results in buyers not finding sellers and vice versa. It just dilutes the Fiverr experience.

TL;DR : I hope Fiverr takes care of spammers masquerading in the buyers request tab as it is a big impediment to getting ‘actual results’


See the right hand top corner, click on your username > Selling > Buyer requests


Hi! I am astonished that you are level 2 and still #1 is an eye opener for you? That is not for me, even then I am a newbie for two months. You can please give me some tips. Thanks