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How to Use Buyer Requests?

It really bugs me that new fiverr users are posting advertisements for their gigs in the “buyer requests” section. I’ve been noticing that there have been more and more of these types of posts showing up there. I’m wondering if I’m actually the one in the wrong. Is that how you’re supposed to use that section? If it’s not, is there any way I can filter them out of my feed?

You are not wrong. They are not supposed to do that. There is no way to filter them out, so I just stopped using that section of the platform. Most of the posts there say things like “I will write u article. I will write article so good u never use different seller again”. As if someone would actually purchase a writing gig from someone who writes like that. Ugh. I can’t stand it.

Oh, I know! There always seem to be grammar mistakes in those posts. I wonder if they ever get any traffic from them. I don’t want to stop using the “Buyer Requests”. It’s definitely been a great place to find clients. Oh, well. I’ll just deal with it. :smiley: