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How to use buyers requests [archived]

Lately as we all know, a lot of sellers use buyers requests as a place to advertise themselves or their GIGs (if they have any).
So, if you are one of them, this is how you are suppose to use Fiverrs Buyers Requests feature:

  1. After you open and verify your profile, and before you start selling, you actually HAVE TO MAKE A GIG. GIG is like a short basic offer, with an explanation of what you can and will work on.

  2. When you make a GIG (and by the way, there is a lot of threads on this same forum on how to make a good GIG, so you can brows trough Tips for Sellers and do a little research so you can be sure you did a good job), then click on option selling, then buyers requests.

  3. Read buyers requests on the page you are on, and you will notice how those are buyers requesting from sellers to bid on posted job with their GIGs.

  4. Buyers requests will show you only jobs in same category and subcategory you made your GIG at, so you can bid on 10 of them in 24 hours, and impress them with your GIG and as an option custom offer.

  5. Read carefully what buyer is requesting for, look at their estimated time for job delivery and their budget, so make sure you actually know how to do requested job and make an offer buyer will notice.

  6. Be professional, it is same as going on interview for any other job in your life. Show that you know and understand their request.

This is how you are suppose to use buyers requests, by posting your own advertise inside of it, you most likely wont get a job, because only sellers like yourself selling same or similar thing as you do read and look trough those same requests. If you have any issues with understanding any feature of Fiverr, either post your question as a topic on this same forum, or simply contact customer support and you will get your answers.

Also if an English is a problem, learn it. There is a lot of us with English as a second language and we all learn it daily by communicating with other people on English, reading, listening music and taking extra classes. Also Fiverr is a huge site with a lot of worldwide users, and you can again on forum always find someone who has same native language as you and help you out :slight_smile:
Good luck.

Now, for everyone who are using Fiverrs Buyers requests as advertising for themselves and are level 2 or level 1. Seriously guys, stop it…Only thing you are doing is spamming that feature and make it harder for everyone to bid on jobs, so you are also being self-contra-productive. Plus time you wasted on writing and posting that, you could have waste it on bidding for at least one job, and maybe got it… :wink:



It is incredibly annoying to me, I have to say.

Sadly, I don’t think most people who misuse this feature have the ability to read that wall of text you just wrote.


It is annoying to me too, but with just saying “SELLERS, STOP USING BUYERS REQUESTS” you are giving a wrong note to those same people for who you think have no ability to read wall of text I wrote. Maybe phrasing shorter my wall of text might help; I just have no ability to say it with less words and make it understandable to most of a people here.


you can use request that are relevant to your services like SEO.

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Considering there are still sellers advertising in buyers requests, I hope they will read this -.-

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This is actually the reason why I stopped looking at buyers request. There are so many ignorant a…s (excuse my French) there that it’s becoming worthless.
Probably there have to come rules that sellers who use it to promote their gigs get sanctions, what b.t.w. is the most moronic way to promote.

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I just had a look at the section and send 5 sellers a PM asking them to cut the crap.
In a polite way of course.

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i think they need link to tos or how to use fiverr features

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Thank you. It’s really annoying.


Sanctions is what they need imo.

after this feature i noticed drop in sales is you guys facing this issue ?

I have a drop in last couple days. But it happens times to times.

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The thing is…looking through the sellers using the Request function to promote their gig…they seem to have lots of responses… No matter how well your gig is written it can be incredibly difficult to get it seen among the many pages of similar gigs. Really, if others are going to use Requests, then why not cut your losses and join them by promoting there…? Fiverr don’t seem to be bothered about it so why let these other sellers have the advantage…??

Buyers don t look at buyers requests, only sellers :expressionless: That is why. And response they have is other sellers applying to job, because they think it is a job offer.

Thank you so much to choose buyer request option.
I’m send daily 10 buyer request but buyer not respond to me. why?

That behavior of these sellers is really annoying! I would like to report them for offering their services there to fiverr like spammers. So fiverr can refer them to your explanation or if they do this twice or more ban them from the whole site. There are too much sellers not posting their offer there by error but to get much more attention.

I don’t know why i can’t find any buyer request. ever time i go to the buyer request page it shows no request. Here’s a screenshot.

Do you have any active gigs? It’s my understanding that you must have at least one active gig in order to view buyer requests. Additionally, if your gig is in a category/subcategory that doesn’t have any current buyer requests, there won’t be anything for you to view.

True. I am only a buyer and not a seller, therefore do NOT even have the ability to look at other “Buyer’s Request” - just my own.

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same old shiz.

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