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How to use delivery button?

I have got a serious question which i have asked CS and its been 3/4 days they are not replying back. They dont really care or willing to answer my questions, they have already closed 1 ticket without replying. Absolutely shocking service!!

So here is what i want to know.

If i have got an order which includes 3 versions to choose from, source files, vector, business card, social media and delivery time is 1 day. How can i deliver this order? According to fiverr you have to deliver everything in the first delivery button, i dont get how can i send everything in the delivery button when the client hasn’t chosen 1 version to receive remaining files. If i dont send everything then its " order delivery violation".


You need to get your buyer to choose from the 3 by sending them via a message on the order page.

Then when they’ve chosen you can send everything included using the ‘deliver’ button.

You might want to increase your delivery time to more than 24 hours to account for different time zones etc.


so are you saying that make the 3 versions and then send them via a message instead of delivery button? if i do that then how would they click on modification button? also majority of clients dont reply back on time and it takes them more than 3 days to get back, by then order gets auto complete or very very late.

This is the solution to your problem.

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They wouldn’t as the modification button is only available after delivery.

Which makes it a bit difficult for you to offer their choice of 3 different designs if they don’t tell you.

Why not get rid of the 3 different designs idea, and just do 1 - then you can deliver everything all at the one go, and they can ask for modifications after delivery?

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yes i understood your point but if i want to offer 3 packages then i want to offer different designs in each package, there should be an easy solution for this. I spoke to CS a year ago and they said write it in your gig description and delivery msg that you have sent 3 designs to choose from, once you have finalised the design then you will get remaining files. But now CS said this is not allowed but not telling me why or any solution for this.
Its impossible to send everything in first delivery when they have not finalised the design.

That is why you need to increase your delivery time. :wink:


thats not the solution though is it? I should be able to deliver the designs first, once they chose it and then send remaining files. This should not be an issue. It should be an issue when i refuse to deliver remaining files

But according to CS you can’t do this any more, so you need to find a way to work around it.


yes thats exactly what i am trying to find, whats the best way to deliver now. You cant just send all 3 versions, all files for 3 versions, social media for 3 versions, business card using 3 versions etc. It doesnt make no sense doing that.
Common sense is to deliver 3 designs, once they chose 1 and done with revisions then send remaining files, even if order is auto complete you can still send in inbox. If you refuse to send files then that should be violation.

If now you’re not allowed to do what used to be possible, I would consider reorganizing the gig or splitting it in sub-gigs (the various versions you were offering in the main one).


Multiple ways, you can tell the client prior to delivery about a google drive link where you put files. Then give the link and deliver one copy of three works. Job done