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How to use dot symbol in my Gig title..?

Hello Members,

I’m a New Seller in Fiverr Workspace. I’m creating my Gigs for sell, recently i am facing a problem. I want to use dot( . ) symbol in my title.

Here is my title,
I will create or update ASP.Net MVC web application

but fiverr show me this error ( Title contains illegal characters ) all the time when i want to save my Gig.

But the interesting thing is that there is already lots of Gigs which used dot ( . ) and comma ( , ) in there Gigs. So why not i can’t use this symbols in my Gigs title…?

Note: I’m already read fiverr policies, but they mention that i can’t use dot ( . ) and other symbol at the end of the title.!

Please help me. there is no way to create my Gig title with out dot ( . ) symbol.

Thank you. :relaxed: