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How to use existing balance in account

I have $5 in my account, and when ordering $20 gig, it is not using $5 rather asking to pay total $20. How to use the balance available while buying new gig ?

If you want to buy a gig with your fiverr revenue/balance,you must make sure it is up to the amount you want to buy the gig. For example if you have 5$ balance and want to order a gig of 20$,it will not work but ask you to select a way to pay the seller.
But when you have 5$ and need to order a gig of 5$ it will be dedected for your balance without selecting a means of payment.
I hope you find this reply helpful.

Thank you.

Contact and ask the seller to send 2 custom qutoes to you. One of $5 and other $15. In this way you can use your $5 credit.