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How to use fiverr if you are new?

Hi , I’m new here , I heard that people are making money from fiverr . Can someone tell me how ? Should I do any job (if yes tell me how) or be a seller (if yes tell me how) .

We can’t really tell you what exactly to do, do something you’re good at and like to do, but be warned, you’re not going to get orders for a while, hard work, and a bit of luck will come in handy, personally, there are so many people working on fiverr right now that you may never get orders, depends on how good you are at what you’re doing, good luck!

Thank you . But how to find jobs ?

You don’t find jobs, you create a gig, what were you thinking of offering?

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How to create gig ? (I know that I’m being annoyig :joy:)

yes your right brother

Go to your gig tab, and there will be a create gig option, then fill in all the information.

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