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How to use gig analytics Data to Get Orders


Hello Experts,

I want to do reverse engineering to my Gig analytics data into huge sales.
So one of my gig Got

*** 81 Impressions**

*** 10 Clicks**


But 0 order. How can I get orders?
Thank You so much.
Mod Note: Shortened link removed. These are not allowed on the forum, please use the full gig link.


Posting the URL as the format you did is violation of fiverr terms. What reverse engineering? Are you saying you want to turn these numbers to orders? If yes, let’s say 81 imp. 10 clicks and 10 views, that is 101 orders, will you be able to handle a hundred orders a day or week or month? :slight_smile:

Good luck


Hi Abdul,
I corrected the URL Thank you.What I want to reverse is clicked into order at least 2-3%