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How to use GIG EXTRAS to it's full potential? See here!


Greetings good people! Hope you’re all doing well.

Today I decided to share a sneaky little way to get a lot more revenue in from each sale than usual, so what is it?

If you already read the title you have the answer. It’s GIG EXTRAS. We all use them, but not the way we should. We usually have a 24 hour delivery option or some additional featured directly related to our gig but what if I said you could do MUCH better than this? Well you can.

The best way to handle this is to turn on the three packages option and include all the perks which are DIRECTLY related to the gig there. Why is that? Well you will want to put something else in the gig extras which isn’t really directly related to the gig but it can be to the customer.

To give you an example, let’s say you have a logo design gig published and doing nicely and a client comes along telling you hey, I just started my business or I am doing a rebrand of it and I’m in need of a new logo, what should you do? First of all, get the man the logo done but that’s not all. If he or she needs a logo for their newly formed business or etc than they probably need other stuff. What would that be? Well, if it’s a corporate logo why not a business card? Or why not a website? Promo video? Marketing? It can literally be anything. All you need to do is add these new services bellow and you can make an additional sale from an existing sale.

‘‘Sounds good but I don’t know/want how to create a website, business card, promo video or anything like that and I also don’t have the time.’’ - I will gladly inform you that there are other sellers who provide all these services successfully so why not let them help you? Will you have to pay yes? Will you have to pay the full price? Not necessarily. You can partner with another fiverr seller so that by bringing him or her projects you get a huge discount and you can resell their service to your client for a BIGGER price.

Since I love facts let me do some math for you with real examples.

Let’s say you design posters, your base price is $5. Since posters are mostly used by night clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, small businesses, bars etc and they want to promote themselves with your flyer or poster why not use that to sell them a short promo video too? Don’t know how to create videos? There are plenty of those who do here! You have a partnership going and a promo video gig extra listed at $20. Your partner offers you $5 per video. You make the sale, fiverr takes $5 from those $25 and you pay $5 to your partner. Whats left? It’s $15, instead of $4. That’s nearly 4x the profit you made before.

This literally applies with any gig. Don’t believe me? Let me convince you.

Writer - Website Design, Website Graphics, Social Media Marketing, SEO
Logo Animator - Logo Design, Business Card Design, Video Production
Banner Design - Social Media Marketing, SEO, Video Production
Business Card Design - Video Production, Resume Design, Web Design

Literally, any gig here can have another one that it can be paired with. So what are you waiting for? Go start sketching your new Fiverr business plan for 2017!

Note to all logo designers - As you can see above the system works, and I have personally used it in both ways. I just launched a new logo intro gig where you can choose any intro from a database of hundreds for yourself, and our aim is to partner with logo designers since our service perfectly blends with theirs. All our intros would cost $5 and you can resell them anywhere from $20 to $40 because you have a database to choose from and not just a few options. If you are interested in expanding your services please do let me know and we can talk more.

I really hope you enjoyed this and that you found it useful. I wish you best of luck in 2017. and may you have a prosperous career and lots of sales! :slight_smile:

Please do let me know what you think.