How to use Google Docs for editing?


I am new to fiver and got a request to edit a document. I got a Word file from them and started reading. I soon found there were places that the requester would need to make a decision about what he wanted. His text wasn’t clear so I wanted to leave a comment. It is very easy to Highlight and comment on google drive which then those comments can be commented on until you hit the “resolved” button. Very simple and elegant. Also makes editing from anywhere and everywhere possible.

When I went to share my google drive account I got a warning that I should not contact my buyers outside of the Fiverr system or something like that. So to be safe I just wrote the comments in the document itself in another color.

Is there anyway to work with your clients using Google Drive?



Someone sent me a link too to acess google drive. I requested access but no response yet


I think this should be OK? Pretty sure you can do “anon” sharing in which case the contact outside of Fiverr TOS condition is rendered moot. I’d recommend asking Customer Support for guidance.


Password? Well, I just love buyers who send me a password protected GD link <sigh>


I had same problem, this is really horrible.


I send video files via Google Drive all the time. However, this doesn’t require any kind of collaboration.

In either case, you can avoid this whole problem simply by using native desktop applications such as MS Word. Most of your buyers will expect this anyway as not everyone uses or feels comfortable with Google docs.