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How to use keywords in proper way

please check my gig and tell me about my gig what;s wrong with me why i have still no order?

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Reasons probably,

  1. your works are too cheap (ex. you are offering 20 images background remove including source file, commercial use, unlimited revisions …etc for usd 5 only)
    Buyers got standard budgets.

  2. you added only one sample work on your gig’s slider

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now check gig again and tell me

you can see some established background removal/clipping path gigs.
about prize i think per image one dollar is good.
as you are a beginner so your packages can be,

1-5 images usd 5 pack 1 one day delivery
1-10 images usd 10 pack 2 one or two days delivery
1-50 images usd 40 pack 3 three days delivery

add some colorful work sample in your gigs slider.
also can add a portfolio link in your gig’s description.
For profile pic a smiling face i would prefer for my account.
Good Luck !


You should check the gigs of your competitors, about the pricing, search tags, packages etc. That’ll be more helpful.

Ask and say please. This is rude. He already helped you once and he doesn’t owe it to you to help you again. You didn’t even say thank you!

Entitlement and rudeness will stall your growth.

@veniceart This was very nice of you.


I don’t think he is being rude, maybe he is translating his language to English. A version of the word please is not used in most languages, instead how it is said makes it rude or nice.

Sometimes using a local version of please will sound rude.


Word choice isn’t related to this at all.

He commanded someone to do something for him and didn’t show appreciation. No change of wording would change that or make it okay.

A command is a command.

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Look at his posts, his grammar is not that great. He’s just picking English words for what he wants to ask.

Maybe you don’t have such experience. Try speaking in a totally new language like Japanese or Korean. You might not know whether you’re being rude or nice even with the correct words. The traditions and customs are different.

I am bilingual, I speak Tamil and Sinhala. I know little Hindi, Urudu and Arab. They have totally different way of using language than in English(I don’t know about how other western languages).

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I know his English is poor. I’m saying what he wrote has nothing to do with English. It is a command. No change of grammar or addition of adjectives or change of tense changes the fact that it is a command. It has nothing at all to do with grammar.

Let’s call a spade a spade instead of making excuses. He was rude.

Sellers would perform much better if they took accountability instead of looking for excuses.

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